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A-Z Thoughts: Part 2

Asthma – Mumford is having a series of asthma attacks this week, even though he’s still on steroids. I think he’s immune to them now. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and feel the lump of cat by my feet and abruptly touch him to make sure he’s still breathing. #Momlife

Bachelor – Paul’s blog posts on The Bachelor make me want to watch the show. Although I’m certain his commentary is better.

Charleston – I told myself that I would start packing up some of my things this past weekend and I didn’t. Besides, I work much better under pressure.

Date – I’ve been trying to take myself out on a date for the past two weekends and I’m sort of failing. I’d much rather stay in bed and watch Netflix.

Emma Stone – I’d like her to be my best friend.

Flood – Long Beach, California is practically under water right now. I think it rained three times during the whole year and a half I lived there.

Granny Smith Apple – These are my favorite apples, and I usually eat one every day with peanut butter. I didn’t pack one today and I’m licking my chops.

Hawaiian – I ate pizza for the first time in months on Friday night. I had Hawaiian. I’m still drooling over it. I’m still on a pizza high. Bread sticks were involved too.

Ice cream cake – I’m pretty sure my work will be serving us our monthly ice cream cake fix tomorrow. Not that I’m paying attention or anything…

Johnny Depp – There’s another Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out. And no, I’m not joking.

Kayak – The video I watched of Long Beach drowning, a guy floated by in a kayak. I’m glad I moved.

La La Land – I finally saw this in theaters. I’m not really into musicals but this one I loved. It deserves all of the Oscar nominations it has received this year.

Mark Wahlberg – I also saw Patriot’s Day. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while probably know that this movie was going to tug at something a lot more personal. I’m glad I went to see this alone because I cried from beginning to end. And had a minor anxiety attack during the scenes with the bombs. But overall, it was a pretty good movie, and the Boston attitude was perfect throughout the whole thing.

Nana – My Nana celebrated her birthday yesterday and my family had a party. My mom sent me some “family portraits” that were done. Basically my uncle laying shirtless across everyone’s lap while my aunt pretends to poor a Budweiser on his chest.

Oracle – I saw the man who created this computer system on TV once. And I wanted to punch him in the throat.

Paris – I’ve been listening to The Chainsmoker’s song “Paris” on repeat. It’s so catchy.

Queen – I still don’t think Beyonce is queen.

Ragnar – Colleen’s cat, who will soon be Mumford’s new best friend.


Seyit & Sura – Colleen got me into a Russian show with subtitles on Netflix. She has hyped it up so much that I couldn’t resist, and it’s not disappointing at all. For the first time since Pretty Little Liars, I’m yelling at my TV screen, “No Petro! NOOOOOO!” If you want a good heartbreaking series to watch and you don’t mind subtitles, give this show a shot.

Tierney – If you missed my last post, don’t forget to follow my friend Tierney on WordPress! She’s new. Welcome her!

Uhaul – The thought of transporting a U-haul attached to my car kind of terrifies me. But I am woman. Hear me roar.

Viagra – Does anyone else feel terribly uncomfortable when the Viagra commercials come on? When the women sit on the bed wearing a football jersey?

Winter – We have less than two months of winter left, thank goodness.

Xander – I saw there is some sort of Xander movie out, but I instantly think of Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Youths – There’s a high school I pass every afternoon while on my break and the kids always seem to have half a day. Do kids not go to school anymore?


Zzz – I got absolutely no sleep last night. It was one of those nights when time was passing quickly but I don’t feel as though I actually slept.


17 thoughts on “A-Z Thoughts: Part 2

  1. I am so, so glad we don’t have ads for medications here. Whenever I’ve been in America they have really freaked me out. “ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR….” How about no? How about your doctor with their medical degree probably knows what to give you better than you do with your extensive background of Web MD and the ad you saw last night on the TV? Crazy stuff….

    I can’t do any more Pirates of the Caribbean. I refuse. Go away Depp.

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  2. Hahah my Bachelor recap is 10x better than the show. They should hire me to hype it up. Don’t get me started on those medication commercials. Some of them just show an empty room with the TV on and you’re wondering where everyone is, and then BAM. It hits you.

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  3. I commented on this and it is no where to be seen. Or maybe it’s online and my mobile sucks. If this is a duplicate, I’m sorry. I took Zero to the vet today & he’s starting steroids soon, too. Stay tuned – :). Ps. Excited for your move to Carolina.

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    • Haha I have to moderate the comments first! Sorry! I had a troll problem about a month ago. I had to tent the blog 😦

      Mumford is ridiculously good in the car haha he rarely ever cries. And thank you! I’m excited too! Stressed but excited!


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