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Moving is such a horrible concept. I have moved a lot since 2009. I moved from dorm to dorm on campus, and then apartment to apartment in various states such as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, and now South Carolina. I have to say, moving to South Carolina has been the worst by far.

Moving is never a smooth transition. Something always goes wrong, but it’s usually fixable and not a giant headache in the end. If you lose a coffee mug or two, you just buy a new one. If your sheets rip during the drive, you just buy some new ones. However, my move to South Carolina has been absolutely terrible that I would rather the earth opened up, swallowed me hole, and spit me back up as a demon torturing myself in order to justify the reality of my situation(s).

At first, everything was hunky-dory. I drove down with Mumford in one piece. The movers arrived to the apartment before I did with my mattress, bed frame, and cabinet, which I was happy about. I unloaded everything from my car rather quickly with the help of Colleen. I was ready to somewhat relax and put my bed back together until I realized some of the pieces to my bed were missing. I texted the mover who apologized and checked his truck and did in fact find the rather small and annoying pieces that were preventing me from sleeping on a firm surface other than a floor. He said he was in Florida already and would be back in my area the following afternoon. But then the following afternoon came and went, and after reaching out, he told me first thing in the morning he would arrive. And then “first thing in the morning” came and went, and yet I was still here, sleeping on my mattress on the floor like a drug addict in an abandoned house in the woods. My room is pretty tiny, so not being able to put my bed together kind of stalls me from putting everything else together. Once the bed is together and placed in the right spot, I can then sort through all of my other things.

I finally texted the mover again, and after several hours, he told me he would be by with my pieces in “about nine days”.



I can’t put anything anywhere. I have more stuff arriving this week. I live in a pile of clothes on my mattress with a useless bed frame exploding my tiny bedroom. I. Am. Not. A. Happy. Lady. Right. Meow.

I informed him immediately like the princess that I was behaving as that that arrangement did not work for me at all. I need a bed. It’s only been three days and I’m already throwing crap around because I have no placement for them yet. I still have no idea what’s happening with the bed so I’m just going to shove issue #1 aside for now.

Now onto issue #2 – I bought a brand new bookcase that arrived today. We go to unload the heavy pieces from the box only to find that they did not include any of the nails to actually put said pieces together, leaving me once again with another piece of useless furniture I cannot assemble at this point in time.


It’s official. South Carolina does not want me to put my furniture together. It has not welcomed me with open arms. I just want a bedroom that wouldn’t make Jesse Pinkman cry.

So I’m just going to go in my room now and huddle in the corner to look at what’s left of my belongings in hopes nothing else happens.


27 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Is there a reason that idiot man can’t pop these pieces in a parcel and post them to you? I feel like sending them by mail would be quicker than his promised nine days!

    I hope everything falls into place soon. It SUCKS when everything is a shambles and you feel like you can’t get your life together because you feel like you’re squatting in an abandoned home rather than settling in to your new place!

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  2. Auntie Dy says:

    Jess , I hate to break this to you …but you will probably never see those pieces to your bed ever again . What a pain in the ass . I don’t know what parts are missing , but I would look for a replacement part or another solution . Sorry honey . Hugs to you . It will get better .

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    • Yeah he still hasn’t shown up. I’ve been contacting the company to work out some kind of refund and I bought a bed and it arrived today! I feel a little bit more sane haha


  3. Mom says:

    I’m wondering why you had some of the parts and he had others. Why didn’t you just have them all? And I agree, it would make sense to just put them in the mail. Can’t trust anyone any more. If you don’t end up getting them file a complaint and ask for some money back.

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  4. commutingwithkristen says:

    I was going to praise you for being an adult and actually hiring movers and not bribing family members like I always do (hint: that usually ends with fights tinged with unresolved childhood issues) buttt it sounds like that isn’t any better. It’s official, moving sucks no matter what!

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  5. Omg the Jesse Pinkman reference was so perfect ❤ I'm sorry you had to move at all let alone multiple times in the past year and dealing with nonsense. You're a badass though, I literally could not ever summon the balls to do what you've done and I'm sure you're gonna kill it just like always love 🙂

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