Good day! I’m Jess and I live with one of my best friends, Colleen, and our two cats Mumford and Ragnar in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m a New Hampshire native, having lived everywhere including Massachusetts, California, and Connecticut. I paint/draw and I try to be internet savvy but it very rarely works. Everyone I work with seems to think I’m a health nut, but little do they know I shove doughnut holes in my mouth every chance I get. Every year I participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and I have yet to make my goal. It will happen one day.

I spend majority of my time digging through my bag looking for lost items, avoiding my mail along with my neighbors, and watching Netflix.

WELCOME TO MY BLOG. Have a seat. Take a load off. Tell me all the hot gossip.

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      • That must be annoying when the event takes place! I always see people living along the route being frustrated that they’re stuck at home ’cause of the runners. It’s the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon 🙂


    • We actually just got back from Catalina today! It was so much fun, and it’s like stepping into a whole new world. We haven’t done the Long Beach Aquarium yet but it’s on our to do list. But we like to go to LA a lot, and San Diego is a great weekend getaway too.

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      • omg, how fun! I’m going to Catalina on Friday! What did you two do there? Any recommendations?

        I’m biased but I enjoy LA. You should check out little Tokyo, Koreatown, downtown LA, if you already haven’t. Try Boiling Crab if you like seafood! 🙂

        For San Diego, you have to try Phil’s BBQ (if you’re not vegetarian or vegan). Best ribs ever! The meat is so soft and tender. Lines are so long because of the popularity! It’s like an hour wait.


    • There are a million things to do there! There is the Fun Zone which is an arcade and a small bowling alley that’s a lot of fun. I know the have helicopter rides, parasailing, etc. Plenty of places to go out and shop and drink and eat. It’s very cute. We were in Avalon Bay, and I know there are a ton of other hot spots on the island. Lots of hiking too. We were only there a day so we didn’t do all of that but we plan to go back!


      • I’ve never been on a boat or an island so I couldn’t image all those things being there. I just thought there were “island” things to do like snorkeling, kayaking, and parasailing.

        After reading your post, I’m even more excited! I love hiking!


  1. Just came here to say I noticed your current header is cookies. And now I want cookies. So your tag line “You’re fine” is not working for me because I am not fine, I want 5 packs of Oreos.

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  3. Just wanna let you know I had a good 5 minute laugh over the TLC thing you tagged me on, but I thought if I wrote a comment back to you of me laughing it would be taken out of context by the rest of the world who saw it

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